Generally I take place of LED when I watch the catalogue of the illumination maker. After all is it running cost? σ(^_^;)
However, after all a traditional incandescent lamp sees a thing neatly. There is it, and the perseverance of the maker improves little by little, too, but there is much RA85( color rendering). And, as for light seeing light of the source of light to points, it and an old appliance are not really usable…>_<…Of course there are few electric bulbs though the appliance which I can change exits from the maker. . I did it and but came to trade the mind that power did not begin recently with the place that could make a semi-order electric bulb.


A photograph on (^.^) where I found the one which anything is no use, and is good at last though I looked with a ball of the LED of various places is 3000K, 500lm, 20 degrees

And I can spot it by the light that it is white 5000K, 500lm, 20 degrees to have had you make it this time! !The (≧∇≦) price for small size of CDM is surprise, too! !
It is 1,500 yen! !
Though because make it, take delivery date; σ(^_^;) I can make it in e11 and e17 and e26 and can appoint the … angle, too, and there is … RA to 90, too! !It is our leading player from now on!


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