Brand Concept


Design Tool「視創」



1. 感動する笑顔が見たい![デザイン]


2. また行きたくなる場を創りたい![企画・設計]


3. 分かりやすく伝えたい![プレゼンテーション]


4. 何でも肌で感じとりたい![モノ作り]


5. 楽しく創りたい![コミュニケーション]


Brand Concept

The hermitcrab clads in a familiar shell.We named this from an idea that we also want to produce smiles by thinking close people like ourselves.

Design Tool「shiso」

We believe that designing a line of sight is discovering new pleasure of space.

HDA 5 design principles

1,We want to see a smile to be impressed.(Design)

This is our final purpose.The design that makes people happy.Space and the thing are for the people.We want to continue producing a smile by manufacturing.

2,We want to create the place that people want to go again.(Plan,Design)

We want to continue making space demanded from people.When it is said”Raise functionality”,it may be misunderstood,but ”The functionality” that we say is to design the thing affecting a heart as well as a convenient thing.For example,it is a thing thinking,”it is pretty though it is slightly inconvenient”.

3,We want to tell clearly(Presentation)

The design must be the brief thing which all can share.We promise that we tell by the talk,a plain method by the words of the partner not to feel the difference of the industry.

4,We want to take in anything with skin.(Manufacturing)

When a person felt that “Somehow attractive!” ,and a heart changed,he cannot express all by words. It may be feelings to pass to space, material, light, the details.We take in it with own skin and suggest accumulation of experience that we were able to sympathize with together.

5,We want to create happily.(Communication)

The things that were made enjoying is to be space or things pleasing everybody.Our office continues being the environment that can always work happily.[:]