We exchange an opinion including budgets each other whether you want to have the space of what kind of atmosphere in this place,and share an image.If an opinion matches,we talk about a business plan.



We go to look at the spot with you.We investigate the neighboring environmental situation,the flow of the people,the confirmation of a product while imaging completion.In addition,we investigate the situation such as existing infrastructure(facilities),a skeleton or the opening.(In the case of a distant place,we may have transportation expenses.)



We make a concept,a ground plan,sketching and show the first plan.I talk about an image or the layout of the shop to be concrete.(We don’t have the expense to date.We talk about the rough estimate of future flow and design charges.)
Thereafter,we make it more concrete content with material and a model or CG on the basis of content.We research market information and strengthen a concept more.When we judge that it is necessary,we take graphic,the Web production into account and cut down a plan until we go to the assent with you.We get a feeling of schedule of the large frames here.



We think about a drawing in relation to a design.This becomes the drawing for this to take the estimate.(Figure of list of finish list,floor plan,development,reflected ceiling plan,illumination placement list,household articles,section detailed drawing,etc.)
We choose a builder for the case with a budget and a construction technology,a service.With the in some cases our craftsman team and engineering firm ask it to quote a price for it,and is decided after comparison.We perform the amount of money adjustment at the same time.We submit it to the design charges from us.
Afterwards,we write a drawing for detailed production to construct(detailed drawing).We repeat examination while actually testing it.The communication included to work out details with the construction supplier is important.



Spot construction goes based on an enforcement design book.We go to the spot and we push forward the plan while exchanging an idea with constructer in TEL/FAX/E-mail.In addition,we look for materials truly and confirm it and are particular for manufacturing.
We test whether it functions all properly and is completed according to design book.(We perform it in the three persons.You,us,and constructor. )If there is an imperfect matter,we adjust it and make a list of construction and fix at every turn.



The shop is brought up.We must revise new problems on opening,and having passed for a while.We ask a meal to grasp the operation situation.