A burst of energy through vivid fresh & bright colors.

In the drowsy morning the space floods the customer with a warm & lively greeting to embrace the “good morning!”

During the long hours of the day, it is motivation to be at our best.

In the fatigued night, we gladly congratulate today’s efforts, & the efforts of more days to come.

To socialize in open space / chat quietly in a private room.

To create a space that gives an opportunity for people to receive a daily spurt of energy was the mindset for this design.

Interior / HDA
Client / Yasushi Cafe Location / Saitama Prefecture Omiya
Floor Square Meters / 41.78 ㎡ (Kitchen 13.30 ㎡)

01_ent02_ysc_mainseat 03_ysc_mainseatnight07_ysc_display 05_ysc_den 06_ysc_koshitsu 08_ysc_shelf04_ysc_counter

09_ysc_wc 11_ysc_gallery 10_ysc_koshitsu2